How To Get A Six Pack - A Shocking Discovery

Here's my story:

I used to play soccer back in high school, I had a lot of fun and was in incredible physical condition, I even had a sexy solid six pack. I thought I would always have that body, until one day I tore my ACL on my right knee.

"With a torn ACL I'll never be able to run again, or maintain a solid fit body. Why did I have to get this injury!?"

Ok let me show you a picture of myself (Yes...I know the picture is kind of odd. I love playing with my cool camera phone.)

I just wanted to show you I currently have a decent set of six pack abs, might even be an eight pack!

This picture was taken 6 months after I had knee reconstruction surgery during which time I was unable to run. I was stoked with how much I improved my physique in very little time without running.

It is easy to get a six pack when you can run.

...But What if you can get a nice body without running?

The point of this picture of mine is that it is possible to get a six pack without having to run or jog as much as you think..

Note: I was heavily convinced I would never get in good shape again because I thought running is the only way to maintain a nice body...I was wrong.

So I tore my ACL, this is my story, and then I will illustrate how to get a six pack if you don't like to run!

Uh oh, lost mobility in my knee!

So there I was, at home with a weird thingy strapped on my leg. I had to wear this for 4 weeks. Luckily I was still able to walk with my crutches, but it was very painful.

At this point it had been quite a while since I had done any exercise, mainly because my only workout was running..

I had lost most of my physique and wasn't very happy about that, I really wanted to get a six pack!


After 4 weeks I was able to walk, and took off that knee thingy, so how did I go about getting a six pack and getting in shape?

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How To Get Six Pack Abs